Partners’ Testimonials

Lisa Gibson Realtor
I have referred Jacob to several of my clients. He is an amazing mortgage broker. His understanding of the product and the market at large are impressive. He has also been instrumental in obtaining mortgages for client’s that others had turned away. He fierce determination and tenacity has always come through for my clients. I truly appreciate Jacob’s expertise and abilities and would highly recommend him to anyone

Anastasia Kos Insurance broker
Jacob is the best mortgage adviser i have ever dealt with. I have recommended Jacob to all my family and friends. And Everyone has never been happier with the results. No bank adviser can ever match level of service Jacob provided us with. He is always on top of market changes, and regularly provides with updates. Will definitely continue dealing with him in the future
Jon Samuel Realtor
Jacob has worked with a number of my clients and they have nothing but great things to say about him. I strongly recommend Jacob for any mortgage or financing needs – he’s a very thorough consultant who will look out for your best interests. Prompt communication, and excellent service. Not only does he have the best rates, but can work wonders on getting people approved for their mortgages
Edward Krasnogolov Realtor
Jacob is very knowledgeable and experienced mortgage broker. He works well under time pressure and no doubts he’ll go extra mile to make deal happened
Andre Zubko Realtor
Jacob has a reputation for running an effective and successful service based business, his hard work, diligence and prompt communication with clients leaves people satisfied with the service received. I recommend Jacob to all my clients

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